• Electric arc furnaces for laboratories and industries capacity from 50 kg up to 50 tons
  • Submerged arc furnaces
  • Special metallurgy
  • Automation systems
  • Laboratory and non-standard equipment


Production and engineering company COMTERM LLC designs and produces highly efficient metallurgical aggregates and complexes of different performance, capacity and power for various technological purposes. Our equipment and solutions are used for laboratories, pilot scale, foundry, steelmaking, ferroalloy and special remelting industries.

The company acts in  two main directions:

I – complete delivery of electric arc furnaces. The company works out design, manufacture and deliver  both DC and AC arc furnaces as well as submerged arc furnaces.

II – automation of existing furnaces (installations) includes delivery of complete control systems: for automation of arc, electro-slag remelting, arc vacuum, induction vacuum, resistance vacuum furnaces.

Our equipment and services are intended for foundry, metallurgical, ferroalloys and special metallurgy industries. 

On order, we produce electric arc furnaces of different executions, capacities and power for numerous processes.

We win in the tenders of large managing companies for delivery of equipment complexes. 


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